How do I transfer my MapInfo Discover license to another computer?

This procedure requires you to have access to the destination computer.  If you are unsure of this
 - see the related article on transferring a License to park on the Encom license server.

NOTE: This procedure does NOT require a connection to the internet and does not require contacting PBS.

1/. On the destination computer, ensure that the same version of
MapInfo Discover is installed as is present on the
old computer.

2/. On the destination computer, run 
MapInfo Discover, and select the Activate option when prompted. Note
the Hardware ID provided.

3/. On the old computer, run
MapInfo Discover  and select the PRO tab. Navigate to the Add Ins> MapInfo Discover > License Manager option. Under the Transfer tab, input the Hardware ID from the destination computer (under Step 2), then press the Transfer button (under Step 3) and note the Activation code provided.

4/. On the destination computer, input this activation code.

A detailed description of the license transfer procedure is provided in the Discover>Discover
menu option.

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